How to Solve iOS 8.2 Battery Leaks

This step will help improve battery life on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


After updating iOS, it’s a good idea to check third-party applications because they have a tendency to cause wasteful batteries. The more applications you use, the more it will impact on battery power. Sometimes there are applications that contain bugs that make the battery wasteful.

So, to fix the iOS 8.2 battery problem, you should first observe the third-party application. Because there could be potential problems there. The trick is to open Settings> General> Usage> Battery Usage. See what applications consume a lot of battery.

When you find an application that appears to be draining the battery, limit its use when away from the power source. Also, stop the activity in the background. Or you can also delete it from iDevice.

Airplane Mode

When in an area with bad and unstable signals, it is a good idea to turn off the data connection. If necessary, switch to AirPlane mode. Because the cell phone will continue to search for signals. This condition makes the battery drain faster.

Turn off iCloud Keychain

Some iPhone users suggest disabling iCloud Keychain to save battery. According to the many iPhone users do not use and need iCloud Keychain. So there is no harm in deactivating it if there is a positive impact right?

To deactivate iCloud Keychain, go to Settings> iCloud> Keychain, slide it to the Off position.

Restrict Background App

The application’s background refresh provides data updates. However, the impact of the battery is also shrinking. Very limited to limit it. Moreover, many users do not really need. You will feel the difference after making restrictions.

We can disable it at once or choose which applications are allowed to refresh in the background. To place restrictions, go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh, slide it to the Off position on the Background App Refresh, or in an application that is not cool.


Both the iPhone and iPad have sensors that are able to adjust the brightness of the screen to the conditions in which the user is located. But the problem is this sensor is also the cause of wasteful use of batteries. It’s good to switch to manual mode.

To deactivate Auto-Brightness, go to Settings> Display & Brightness> Auto Brightness> Off. After switching to the manual position. You can change the brightness level through the Control Center.


If you see an abnormal battery and feel the heat on the body, do a reset on the device. You can also reset an iDevice by pressing the Home and Power buttons together and holding for 10 seconds. This method will not erase any data but can help restore it to its original state.

Reset All Settings

Another step that can be done is to reset all settings. This method needs to be done if you see the number of battery usage and standby at the same Settings. How to reset can open Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings. The reset process will take approximately 5 minutes and will not erase any data.

Downgrade iOS 8.1.3

If when using iOS 8.1.3 feel more efficient battery. You can downgrade from iOS 8.2 to version 8.1.3. It’s just that this method is limited in time because Apple often closes downgrade permissions.