Send WhatsApp Messages Without Typing

WhatsApp has features that are quite helpful but not many uses it. This Facebook-owned messaging application allows users to send messages without typing.

Not sending the intended voicemail. Indeed, this feature allows us to send messages without typing. But, not everyone wants to receive voice messages.

The intended feature is called Dictation. Allows you to say the message you want to convey, the phone will pour it in text form.

The existence of this feature is quite helpful when you want to send a message but have difficulty typing on the screen, for example, while driving or using gloves.

The Dictation function can be used on iOS or Android. The method is quite easy, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Open a chat with the contact you want to contact
  3. Touch the message typing area to display the keyboard
  4. Then press the Microphone icon on the keyboard
  5. Say the message you want to write

If you want to add punctuation, just say it, for example, ‘Comma’ or ‘Question Mark’. After all the messages have been poured in the text, double-check whether there are words that are wrong or not. If everything is correct, just press the send button.

Oh yes, make sure the keyboard is set to the language you want to use. In order to dictate words more precisely. Good luck!