5 Ways to Download YouTube Videos Easily

For those of you who are active Youtube users and want to download videos, how do you download your favorite YouTube videos on the channel? Check out how to download videos from YouTube below.

YouTube is still the most widely used social media by Indonesians until the end of 2019. This video distribution platform is filled with a variety of information needs of the community.

YouTube is even referred to as social media which can be more than television. The amount of content and millions of videos on YouTube makes people able to choose and watch it via mobile or computer. Videos that are on YouTube can also be downloaded, without using the application or using the application.

Well, here are 4 ways to download YouTube videos that are summarized from various sources:

1. Savefrom.net

How to download YouTube videos is quite easy, because there is no need to use any application or software. Only need to enter saveform.net into the URL, then enter. After entering the savefrom.net page, copy and paste the YouTube video link that you want to download. Then choose the format and quality of the video you want to download. There are MP4, WEBM, 3GP, MP3, and other formats that you can download.

Another way to download using savefrom.net is to do it directly on the URL of the YouTube video you are watching, by adding the letter ‘SS’ in front of youtube.com. For example https://www.SSyoutube.com/watch?abcdefghijk. This method can be done via a laptop or cellphone.

2. Vidpaw

The next way to download YouTube videos is via the vidpaw.com site. The method is similar to the savefrom.net site, namely by copying and pasting the video link into the download column.

You can choose the format and quality of the video you want to download. Besides video, you can also download the audio format.

3. Extension

The second way is to use extensions in the browser. One extension that can be used to download videos from YouTube, the Easy Youtube Video Downloader. You just have to search and click the extension that suits your browser, then add it to the browser you are using.

After the extension is installed in the browser, you can immediately access to the video you want to download, and the download video button from the extension is available. All you have to do is click and select the video format that you want to download.

4. Videoder

This method uses an application or software called Videoder, which is compatible with various devices such as Android, Mac, and Windows. You can choose the video format you want to download and can be used to download simultaneously.

Not only can you download videos from YouTube, but Videoder can also be used to download videos on Instagram, Facebook, and others. How to download the Videoder application, then enter the application and select the social media icon that contains the video you want to download, for example, YouTube. After clicking on the YouTube icon on the Videoder interface, you will enter YouTube directly.

Search and open the destination video, and the download button will be available, you just select the format and quality of the video you want to download.

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5. Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download application is one of the most popular YouTube video download applications. The application, released since 2006, can be used on two computer operating systems, namely Mac and Windows.

You only need to download the application and run it. Then copy the YouTube video URL link that you want to download, then click the + paste button on the Free YouTube Downloader application. The video will automatically enter the download list, and you can directly download it by clicking the blue button that says ‘Download’

That’s the way to download YouTube videos that are easy enough for you who like to collect YouTube videos. An easy way without an application to download videos one by one, while using the application to download a large number with ease, just click it. How is the method easy enough right?

3 Easy Ways to Download Songs on Smartphone

To get rid of boredom, everyone would want to listen to a song in between his busy schedule. Especially at this time many sites and music streaming applications that provide millions of songs that can be heard anytime and anywhere.

But, sometimes the internet connection is not always sufficient to listen to music through the music streaming application. So, one alternative is to download songs so they can listen offline.

Here are three easy ways to download songs on Android and iOS smartphones that are summarized from various sources.

1. How to Download Songs on Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. This Swedish service is more than 200 million users worldwide. You can listen to songs for free on Spotify, but if you want to download them you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

The trick is easy, install the Spotify application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Before downloading a song, it’s good to set the quality of the song you want to download first. The trick is to click on the Settings icon on the top right, then scroll down to find the Music Quality option.

Select the quality you want in the Downloads section. The higher the quality of the song, the bigger the size.

Now to download a song, open the Search menu at the bottom center. Type the title of the song you want, then click the three-dot icon on the right side of the song title, then select the View Album option.

If the song you choose is single, you can download only one song. But if not, you have to download one album at a time. To download, just click the Download toggle on the top right and wait for the download to finish.

2. How to Download Songs on Apple Music

Apple Music is a competitor of Spotify made by Apple. Although made by an iPhone manufacturer, this application can also be enjoyed by Android smartphone users.

Apple Music services are actually paid and don’t have free tiers like Spotify. But, for new users, you can get free access for the first three months.

How to download songs on Apple Music is easy. Open the Music application on an iOS device or the Apple Music application on an Android device. Before downloading, you must add the desired song to the library first. To do this, find the song you want and click the + icon to add one song to the library.

To download a song, find the song you want in the library, then click the cloud icon nearby to download the song. For songs that have already been downloaded, there will be a checkmark next to them.

3. How to Download Songs on Joox

Joox is a music streaming service created by Chinese tech giant Tencent. Although not yet globalized like Spotify and Apple Music, this application is relatively popular in Asia.

The song collection is no less complete than the two applications above. To download songs in the Joox application just the easy way. First, install and open the Joox application on your smartphone. Then find the song you want in the search field.

Click the song, album or playlist that you want to download, and click the Download button. The song will be automatically downloaded and you can access it offline by going to the Profile and selecting Offline Songs.

5 Ways to Reduce Photo Sizes with Applications

The size of the photo that is too large can usually take place on the hard disk. Well, how to reduce the size of the photo? Try these 5 applications.

There are several ways you can do to reduce the size of the photo using a laptop or smartphone. Most people worry if a compressed photo will make the quality of the photo less good.

Don’t worry, here’s how to reduce the size of a photo without reducing the quality of the photo that has been summarized:


RIOT is a free image optimizer that can be used to reduce photo size. When editing with RIOT we can distinguish the original image before it is compressed and the image after it is compressed.

This software is also lightweight, fast and easy to use. We can also adjust the compression, color, and metadata settings. When finished, we can choose the JPG, GIF <or PNG format for the output file.

How to use RIOT

  • Download and Install RIOT (2MB)
  • Open the RIOT application
  • Click “Open” to select the photo you want to resize
  • Select the format you want to compress to JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Adjust the desired quality or leave it to default
  • The final step Save the compressed photo

2. Photoshop

In addition to design, Photoshop can also reduce the size of a large photo. If you want to know how to reduce the size of a photo with Photoshop, it’s very easy and very easy to do.

How to use Photoshop

  • Open the photo you wish to edit by selecting Open on the File menu
  • After the photo has appeared, please save the photo by clicking File> Save as>
  • The selected format is JPEG then click Ok. In the JPEG Options window, you have to change a few settings, select low on the quality option then click Ok.

3. Paint

Without a complicated and heavy photo editing application, you can use Paint to reduce the size of a large photo.

How to use Paint

  • Before editing a photo, first prepare the photo you want to reduce in size then open the Paint program.
  • Open the photo through Paint by pressing the CTRL + O button, then select the Resize menu
  • At this stage the Resize and Skew box will appear, please select the desired pixel and click Ok
  • The final step presses the CTRL + S button to save the resized photo.

4. Reduce the Size of the Photo Using Phone

Turns down the size of the photo it turns out you can use a cellphone by using the Photo Compress 2.0 application on Playstore. This application is very easy to use and also has several other features. In addition to reducing the size of the photo, we can also change the resolution and crop photos.

How to use Photo Compress 2.0

  • Download and install the application on the phone
  • After it is installed, open the Photo Compress 2.0 application
  • Once opened two options will appear namely displaying images from the gallery or camera.
  • Then select the photo that we will compress, after that do the compressing process by selecting “Custom Compress” or “Quick Compress”
  • Custom Compress is a self-regulating compress process
  • Quick Compress is a compressing process with default settings
  • For convenience, we use Quick Compress. Click Quick Compress
  • After the process is complete, two options for saving will appear namely Replace & Exit and Exit
  • Replace & Exit will save the photo and replace the original photo
  • Exit photos will be saved without replacing the original photos

5. Microsoft Office Picture Manager

By using this method we no longer need to use other applications that require time to download and install it. Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager can easily reduce the size of the photo you want to compress.

How to use Microsoft Office Picture

  • Right-click on the photo you want to reduce in size
  • Mouse over Open With
  • Select Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  • After the photo has been successfully opened with Microsoft Office Picture Manager, click Picture then select Resize
  • On the right side of the screen, you can choose the size you want to use.
  • If you have determined the size directly click Ok
  • After clicking ok, save the image by pressing the CTRL + S key on the keyboard. The photo has been saved in a smaller size.